1. General

Football golf is all about getting the ball in the hole, with the fewest shots. Along the way the ball must pass any embedded obstacles correctly.

​2. Kicks

The course is played until the ball is holed. Note the number of kicks that is spent in total. Each player is responsible for counting his/her own number of kicks, and the number noted on the scorecard after each round.

​3. Equipment

The course is played with a football in size 4 or 5. Do not use football boots etc. which can contribute to damaging the grass.

​4. Conduct

On the pitch general respect is shown for other players on the field, by keeping appropriate distance and refraining from kicking at times, when you risk hitting other players. If you are in a group, you should let other players or groups, coming from behind, pass.

​5. Order

When stating the youngest player goes first and so on. For who starts on the next courses, the player who on the previous course has the fewest kicks starts. On subsequent kick is always the player whose ball is farthest, from the hole that kicks. At the obstacles, the player whose ball is farthest from the obstacle kicks first. Notice special rules on each hole.

​6. Teesite

The ball is kicked off the tee site at the beginning of the course. The ball is placed between the white markings.

7. Out of bound

Few places on the course are located whites “out of bound poles”. If the ball ends outside the white poles or is lost, you will have to kick off at the place from which kicked before it went “out of bound”

​8. Dropping the ball

Has the ball ended outside the white “out of bound poles” or has the ball ended up in a location, from where it is, in the players opinion, not possible to kick the ball, kicking the ball again, from the place where it was originally lying. “Dropping the ball” costs an extra kick.

​9. How should the ball be kicked

The ball may be moved with the foot. All kinds of kicks are allowed with the exception of a “led ball.”

​10. Repositioning the ball

If a fellow player’s ball lies in the way of a kick, ask teammate to temporarily remove the ball. After completion of kick, the fellow player returns the ball to its previous position.

​11. Flag

The flag must be taken out of the hole, when the ball is on the green.

​12. Ball hit by another ball

I a player strikes one of its fellow player’s ball, the player’s ball lays at the position where it ends, while the fellow player’s is repositioned.

​13. Special Rules

On some holes special rules may apply. Look at the tee on every hole, for further description.